Wiktor Mielniczuk, geboren in Polen, lebt und arbeitet in Zürich als Aquarellkünstler, Architekt, Illustrator und Designer. Seit 2003 vermittelt Wiktor Mielniczuk seine Leidenschaft für Malerei und Architektur weiter als Dozent. Wiktor Mielniczuk wird an der Ausstellung mit Städte- und Landschafts-inspirierten Aquarell-Bildern faszinieren. Seine Werken wurden bereits mehrfach in Kunst-Werkbüchern und –Kataloge veröffentlicht. 





Wiktor Mielniczuk architect, watercolorist, illustrator, designer.
For more than a decade has been combining his interest in architecture with passion for art.
He started working as an architect in 2007 when he was still a student at the Warsaw University of Technology. From that moment, the real adventure with architecture started. He designes different kind of buildings such as single family houses, villas, public buildings and shopping centers. He also designs interiors. His works has been awarded in different architectural competitions in Poland and some of his projects have already been realized.

Since 2003, Wiktor is connecting his passion for painting with teaching (mainly watercolor painting, design, planning and construction).
His paintings were displayed in many art exhibitions,individually as well as jointly with other artists. Some of them has been also published in art workbooks and catalogs. He was participating a lot of pleinair painting around Europe (i.a. Poland, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Sweden and Switzerland). Explore this website to find out more!